2019 Gamakatsu 慶良間 Special II


4 –  The main target is around 5 kg. It has power that can not be imagined from the operability that can be handled lightly. If it is a 5kg class, it is a gouty roll, and it has enough power to float even when an unexpected big hit.

4.5 – Main target is 5-10kg class. It is an all-round rod that combines light operation and power that can be captured to a large size. We can face a head-to-head match up to 10 kg class.

5 – A rod for capturing big monsters with the strongest power in the series. Even if it is over 10 kg, it is a habit that a direct game will challenge. You can fight without giving an initiative by fighting with a big monster in the record class with the strength of the waist of        the strongest class。

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