Light Touch Line Cut Scissors is a line cutter that can comfortably and quickly cut not only monofilament lines but also slack PE lines.

The secret to comfortably cutting the PE line lies in the blade and caulking (the joint between the upper and lower blades).

First of all, by applying a process called serration processing to the blade to make the blade edge into a zigzag shape, the line can be cut by squeezing firmly without slipping on the blade. ..

And by combining the caulked part with a wave washer, which is the first to be used in the scissors industry, we have achieved a powerful sharpness despite the light touch.

In addition, the blade is designed so that the upper and lower blades are asymmetric. By making one of the blades thinner, it is possible to comfortably make delicate cuts, such as when assembling knots.

Fluorinated stainless steel is used for the blade material to make it resistant to rust.

In addition, all the cutting processes that affect the sharpness of scissors are performed by a craftsman in Seki City, Gifu Prefecture, who is famous for producing blades, by cutting each blade one by one.

Despite the compact scissors, the handle is large in size, so you can wear gloves when using it.

Not only for use in saltwater, but also for bass fishing scenes where the number of situations using PE lines has increased. This is exactly the appearance of items that cut out the present.

* Due to the structure of the scissors, the sharpness increases as you go to the cutting edge. When cutting a thin PE line, you can cut it more comfortably if you can cut it with the cutting edge.

Made in JAPAN