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Easy to put on and take off, over-sunglasses that can be worn over glasses

●Simply attach it over regular glasses or sunglasses and easily remove it when necessary.
● The shape wraps around the glasses, preventing light from entering through the gaps on the top, bottom, left and right, and also suppresses the intrusion of dust and wind.
● Comes with a semi-hard case that is convenient for carrying and storing.
● Uses a polarized lens to cut out diffused reflections and allow you to clearly capture the underwater scene.

These overglasses can be easily worn over your existing glasses and can be used for a wide range of activities, from everyday driving to outdoor activities such as fishing, golf, and mountain climbing. This product uses polarized lenses to effectively suppress light reflection and keep your vision clear. Especially when fishing, it makes it easier to see the movements of fish in the water and changes in the terrain, contributing to improved fishing results. In addition, it protects your eyes from UV rays and provides comfortable vision in daily life. These overglasses combine functionality and stylish design, and are also easy to use as eyeglasses. Designed to provide a comfortable visual experience for fishing and outdoor enthusiasts.

■External dimensions of compatible glasses: W140 x H40mm or less
*Please note that it may not be possible to use this product depending on the shape of some special glasses.

■UV cut rate : 100%
■ Polarization degree : 99.9%
■ Lens material : TAC polarization
■ Visible light transmittance : 16.06%

*Please periodically check for looseness of screws before use.
*Please note that we are unable to make individual adjustments to this product, so please be aware that there may be issues with the comfort of the product.



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Availability: 2 in stock

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