Type: floating

Length: 200mm

Weight: approx. 75g

Made with high density polyurethane for extreme durability.

Recommended hooks: ST-66 3/0 or equivalents

This lure is re-born of the original flatter, and more than two years have been put into the trial and error correcting, in pursuit of the flushing effect and large vibration, before the final release of the lure.

Made in Japan.


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The flapper is a rolling action diving pencil with vibrations, and its unique weight balance enables long diving and slide action.

It’s recommended to use a combination of solid ring (6.5 mm) + split ring (80 lb to 120 lb).

Recommended hook ring (200F-75)

How to use flapper:

Basically, it is used for long jerk, but it is possible to dive easily with only reeling. B

y continuing the rolling, you can continue the rolling action in the water without jumping to the surface of the water.

The lure slides to the left and right at the end of the action, so with some slack line it will be easier to slide.

Adjust the distance (time) for diving with reeling.

Very effective when fish is picky and slow.


Pink Back, Yellow Back, Black Back, Blue Back


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Atlantis Flapper 200F-75 Stickbait
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