Type: floating

Length: 160mm

Weight: 54g

Equipped with ST-66TN 2/0 trebles and #7 split rings.

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It combines a wide range of invitations with long jerks and attractive action with twitching! Attracts fish that have been caught!
Ideal swimming start from the first action after landing on the water.
The 160mm size makes it possible to attack a variety of targets.
The body size is especially effective when using sardines, saury, etc. as bait. With long jerk, the bait goes under the water surface without error and the band-shaped water bubbles generated by the body quickly escape, making it possible to search a wide range. When twitching, dart left and right while reducing the distance traveled. It plays the role of a panicked bait running on the surface of the water. If you want to specialize in lure performance, we recommend replacing it with the smallest hook.

H-57 Blueback Clear, H-141 Redback Clear, HH-02 Holo Pink, MH-85 Black Silver Glitter, MH-89 Gold Green Glitter, CH-71 Killed Sarding, HF-49 Mist Shirasu, C-429 Clear


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