Type: floating

Length: 160mm

Weight: 62g

Equipped with ST-66TN 2/0 trebles and #7 split rings.

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Powerful appeal and presence Attracts with popping and diving that won’t be erased by wind or waves!
The bungee popper always exhibits stress-free and stable performance due to its deep cup shape, bullet-shaped slim form, and weight balance optimized for popping.
In popping mode, the lively splash and sound emitted from the carefully selected cup shape reaches over a wide area and deep into the water, turning on the target’s predation switch, while in jerking mode, the bait is wrapped in a strip of bubbles, creating a swarm of baits running away.
In particular, in situations where you cannot hit the target with early lure using a pencil, the bungee popper will allow you to skillfully adjust the width of the action and get a bite.

H-57 Blueback Clear, H-141 Redback Clear, HH-02 Holo Pink, MH-85 Black Silver Glitter, MH-89 Gold Green Glitter, CH-71 Killed Sarding, HF-49 Mist Shirasu, C-429 Clear


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