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” Sinking Pencil compatible with all fish species, BlazeEye’s sinking pencil series Revorook 99s

A sinking pencil that pursues ease of use while staying true to the basics of flying well.

  1. Flat belly, the narrow cross section ensures maximum water reception. It will fall in a horizontal fall while rolling with large swings.
  2. Vibration fall when the fall occurs, the belly is the starting point and flashes violently from side to side.
  3. Large hook compatible ring is equipped with #4 size as standard.

Spec: 99mm, 27g,

Type: sinking pencil

Made in Japan

Color explanation:

#32 Sardine, Clear blue-pink type active in the open ocean

#35 Live Mullet, match the bait color that glow belly works even in muddy conditions

#42 Micro Flash, when catching micro bait

#50 Night Mirage, mirage white developed exclusively for night time use.



#32 Sardine, #35 Live Mullet, #42 Micro Flash, #50 Night Mirage


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