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“The ultimate rod that will satisfy those who are into it”

Black Knuckle is a series of jigging rods that are created by fishing in the field with a development theme. Currently, there are two bait jigging models: Light Sensitive, which specializes in light jigging, and Fine Control, which specializes in slow pitch jigging. Both items use a specially designed round thick shaft rear grip that stabilizes rod holding. This allows you to continue fishing all day long without getting tired.

Made in Japan.

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Tester’s Voice

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[Development manager]

Yoshizawa Tatsurou

Light Sensitive 631 [Light jigging model] This model was developed under the supervision of a captain at a boat inn in Tokyo Bay, focusing on the hairtail jigging game, which is played using a light jigging style. It is compatible with a wide range of situations that can be expected when hairtail jigging in Tokyo Bay, from shallow areas with a depth of around 10m to deep areas with a depth of more than 150m. The flexible tip does not miss small hits and controls the movement of the metal jig so that it does not move too much even in shallow water. On the other hand, the powerful berry has the power to properly flip metal jigs up to 200g even in deep waters or in fast current conditions, and the tip and berry have different roles. Although the butt part is a slender blank, it has the power to easily float trophy fish for light jigging games such as dragon-class hairtail, ranker sea bass, and large red sea bream. The tapered design allows for a small take-back when casting the jig underhand in shallow water or on the tide, and although it is a jigging rod, it is easy to handle when casting. The characteristics of Light Sensitive 631 are taken into consideration. If you are unsure about hairtail jigging in Tokyo Bay, please choose this rod.

Black Knuckle 662 will be released in the light jigging series called Light Sensitive, which is the same as the previously released 631. Therefore, the taper is a fast taper model similar to 631. Development began with a word from the captain of a hairtail fish boat in Tokyo Bay.


Light Sensitive 631, Light Sensitive 662


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