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TOKICHIRO is proof – where there’s a will there’s a way.

The child of a farmer, Tokichiro dreamed of getting ahead in the world. Leaving his village as soon as he could, he distinguished himself immediately, and later, as Hideyoshi, he achieved his great goal of unifying all of Japan.
The innate talent of downsized TG TOKICHIRO HIDEYOSHI yields great achievements on sparking ocean expanses, racing along the over the course of a successful warlord like Pegasus.

Material: Tangsten

Falling: Flashing and spiral, while sinking produced by a polyhedral shape with sharp edges.

Jerked: Movement to a horizontal orientation with strong wobble by means of lateral asymmetry and center balance.

Retrieving: stable swimming with the tail waving from side to side like spoons used for trout, the tail kick.




1 Blue (Tail Glow), 2 Silver (Tail Glow), 3 Pink (Tail Glow), 4 UV Reflection Brown, 5 UV Reflection Red, 6 Silver


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