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I have a feeling I’ll be able to catch some.

NEW Blade System “Kashima System”
This blade system was named “Kashima System” because it has a lot of feathers which makes it look weird, but as you can see, it has a very innovative system.
I came up with this Kashima system when I was fishing to try to conquer the microbait pattern that rarely bites, and the key point is that it is an imitation part of multiple baits with an Alabama style, but I have never been able to catch a fish that has not eaten until now. I’ve been catching some fish.
And before that. Although it is not widely recognized, one of the answers to the success of catching metal maru lies in the production of multiple baits. When people ask me, “Why do you catch so many fish with metal maru?”, they are often surprised when I talk about multiple baits using bodies and blades, but perhaps not many people are aware of this.
When a school of small fish is targeted by a fish eater, they will try to stick together to avoid scattering. If the predator hides in the group even if it is locked on, it will forcibly switch its target to avoid being locked on. The wisdom of the weak to survive is to keep them from narrowing down their aim (to make them give up without predating them) by switching rapidly.
For this reason, predators attack the herd and use various techniques to reduce the size of the herd or apply pressure to disperse them. To make it easier to lock on.
Spinnerbaits are often used by bass, and the Alabama rig has been in the spotlight because it produces a small group of baits. I’m sure you’re aware of its effects, but a small number of flocks that are easy to target can easily turn on individuals or groups to predation.

The minimum version is this “Kashima System”. ( Design registered )

[Microbait pattern]
One of the reasons why lures are passed through with the microbait pattern is the size. If there are a lot of microbaits, there will be a strong tendency to not chase (or be less conscious of) individual large baits. This microblade system makes it easier to respond to microbait patterns by attaching multiple small blades to the hook. One strategy is to make the shape of the lure smaller using tungsten material, which is popular these days, but Breeden is proposing this new approach.


05 Red Head, 07 YellowTail, 06 Silver


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