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The basic way to use “Shrimp Walk” is as a slow tamaki.

Shrimp hands? feet? The T3S (Turbine shrimp swimming system), which imitates the shrimp eater, appeals to the visual sense of surrounding shrimp eaters and uses wave motion to attract fish.
Therefore, the trick to making the most of this lure’s potential is to simply wind it up or fall with tension while imagining a defenseless shrimp strolling around.

<How to use normal type and deep type>
We recommend the normal type if you want to focus on horizontal fishing in the upper layer, and the deep type if you want to do vertical fishing with falls mixed in.

  • 50 N (normal type): 3.0g 50mm
  • 50D (Deep type): 3.4g 50mm

Colour and Type

01 Full Clear 50D, 01 Full Clear 50N, 03 Shrimp 50D


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