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Bazoo 200

The colors produced this time are two colors of hologram-based Keimura silver and squid.

Keimura may show a special reaction especially in low light( cloudy weather, morning and evening) and we believe that it is a color that can be easily recognized by fish.

When illuminated with  UV light, the entire body turns bluish-purple, as shown in the second picture.

The squid color is a color that works well with the squid pattern as it is.

Keimura is a japanese word, it means that material react by UV light. 

Weight: 96g

Length: 200mm

Recommended Hook: around 7.0g

  • The total length is the length excluding metal parts. Also, please note that due to the characteristics of the material, there may be slight differences in shape and weight.

  • Wood lure prices vary depending on color and specifications.

  • It is designed by connecting with split ring + welding ring. Please note that the balance may be lost if you connect with metal fittings that are heavy and resistant, such as large bearing swivels.






Keimura Silver, Squid


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