Brand:CB ONE


Total length: 6.9ft (butt joint)

Type: overhead jigging rod

Max drag:6kg/0°

Jig weight:400g max

Target species: bluefin tuna, yellowfin tuna, kingfish etc.


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BRAVER is a bait jigging rod (for overhead reel) designed mainly for bluefin tuna, yellowfin tuna, albacore, etc.
It gives a large fall action to a jig of over 300g at a depth of over 100m, and makes it easy to operate the long fall [power throw] action that produces a high hit rate.

<Appropriate power and weight reduction>
We thought that light weight and moderate power are important for long fall operations of jigs weighing over 300g in strong currents.
BRAVER’s action is designed to reduce the burden on the body by bending flexibly when it is raised, and it is designed with appropriate power to lift heavy jigs with “strong bending return” by the entire rod.
In addition, the BR69/6 completed this time is lightweight at 177g, and BRAVER makes it possible to continue to invite you all day long with large rod work jig operations.

<Exclusive design>
Lightweight and strong double foot titanium guide stem. The top diameter is #8 and supports up to 100 lb leader.
The T-DPS20 reel seat and long nut are compatible with small to medium-sized reels, making it perfect for long fights. All are specially designed for large fish.

Since BRAVER is a rod for “straight line fighting” that utilizes the power of the reel and the strength of the line, if the rod is set up too much during the fight, it may cause damage. BRAVER’s power notation is not intended to image the size of the target, but should be considered as a guideline for jig weights that can be operated. In our tests, we have caught bluefin tuna weighing up to 70kg.


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