Brand:CB ONE


Type: Sinking

Length: 113mm

Weight: 80g

Quick dart and level fall.

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Tracking performance for high-speed action, which is the most important for casting jigs.

By specially designing for lateral movement, which is completely different from the vertical jig aiming at the bottom in terms of gravity load and pulling direction, stable maneuverability is demonstrated even during high-speed movement.

The body balance is designed to be slightly asymmetrical to make it easier to trigger action, wobbling like a minnow when retrieving, and stabilizing the left and right dart combination by twitch & twitch.

During the freefall that occurs between actions, the horizontal posture is maintained, enabling high-speed continuous production of invitation and feeding.

A swimming jig that is effective for lateral attacks, such as bonito and tuna chasing bait on the surface.


Sardine/Glow Belly, Pink/Glow Belly, Red-Gold/Glow Belly, Silver/Glow Belly, Green/Glow Belly, Fully Glow


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