Brand:CB ONE


80g  Length: 133mm

110g Length: 158mm

130g Length: 168mm

150g Length: 177mm

180g Length: 183mm

210g Length: 196mm

The design of the weights, which are widely dispersed in the front and back, created a strong driving force for the lure to move.

This spontaneous action enables a more lively and less uncomfortable production, and the rounded form stimulates the predatory instinct with rounded movements and waves.

Jerk, twitch, retrieve, and its operation are free.

You can fully enjoy the fun of controlling the jig while feeling the light movements in your hand.

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High performance metal jig that supports various operating environments from vertical to shallow cast & jerk regardless of input and load direction.

Its unique form realizes excellent stability and responds swiftly to the strategy intended by the angler.

From continuous swimming operation using spinning tackle to basic one pitch, automatic action that does not require difficult operation.

The stable posture created between movements has an extremely long holding time, and it excels in rising to the next action, and the connection of actions is smooth.

An excellent balance design that floats against gravity.


80g, 110g, 130g, 150g, 180g, 210g


Sardine/Glow Belly, Pink/Glow Belly, Gold Red Glow Belly, Silver/Glow Belly, Green/Glow Belly, Natural Blue, Fully Glow


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