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Use extra heavy wire (steel hard wire) and hit Gabe. A special triple hook for saltwater big fish.

What we want to emphasize is the hook point, which has a two-stage taper with a precision sharpened point. This shape is the result of pursuing both strength enough to counter the phenomenon that only the point part bends inward when hooking into the hard part of the mouth with a GT, etc., and sufficient penetration. .

In other words, the ST-66 can go head-on even in intense hooking fights that reach the fish bones. Of course, after the hook is hooked, Gabe’s flattened hook firmly holds the target. It is resistant to bending and twisting, and is not afraid of monster-class targets.

“For big fish anglers” is the ST-66.


Hook size and weight chart



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CULTIVA ST-66 Stinger Triple Hook
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