Type: Pencil Popper (floating)

Length: 140mm

Weight: 48g (+-2g)

Recommended hooks: MC WORKS BONDAGE HOOKS 7/0 or 9/0 Singles 

Made of high strength rigid urethane for durability.

Handcrafted in Japan.

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140mm/48g (±2.0g) Floating specification
made of special hard high foam resin

1.8mm penetrating wire specification makes it suitable for large objects.

A unique body that allows long casts and a balance setting that prevents error actions in both parallel and following waves.

Poppers have good fishing results for dolphinfish, bluefin fish such as yellowtail and amberjack, and even yellowfin tuna.

It flies well even when used with PE4 to 6, and generates splash and pop sounds that attract big fish without error action in all sea conditions, whether it’s undertow or tailing waves!
This popper has very good fishing results not only for blue fish such as dolphinfish, yellowtail and amberjack, but also for yellowfin tuna.
The rear eye is slightly longer than our existing lures, so you can attach a blade of your desired size to enhance the flashing appeal!


Funky Back, Purple Back


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