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■Challenge to 400g
The NEW Tournament Light Rod Case is designed to be significantly lighter in weight with an eye toward use in competitions. The target value is minus 400g. We aimed to reduce the weight of the previous model 135R, which was approximately 3.0 kg, to around 2.6 kg. It’s only 400g, but it’s only 400g. This weight is equivalent to about two 5.3m class Fukase rods, and about one 5m jade handle.
First, the long pockets that were placed on both sides in the previous model are now only on one side. Even with this, there is enough space to store two 75cm hisshaks, a ball frame, and other small items such as a spare Harris and a small float pouch. Next, we reviewed the metal parts around the handle and shoulder belt to reduce weight here as well.
Although excessive parts have been eliminated after considering the intended use, specifications related to rigidity and protection, such as the main body with a built-in hard PP board and the hard reel protector that protects the reel, follow the previous model.
A rigid and light rod case is as powerful as a tackle. The new tournament light rod case will support stress-free fishing not only in competitions but also on private fishing trips.

“High mobility. Light version” The best of Daiwa Iso rod cases!
・Light weight for high mobility. Approximately 13% lighter than conventional products (compared to tournament rod case (C)),
“Hard body structure” that combines ease of handling and protection from impact,
and “Stainless steel zipper slider” that is overwhelmingly resistant to rust.
・Zipper-reinforced board that prevents the zipper from collapsing and increases rigidity・Surface material
that makes it easy to wipe off water and dirt and prevents slipping even on rocky shores ・
“Rod cushion” that suppresses play of storage rods and increases protection
・Fukase with reel A stepped storage system that can store up to 2 rods
– A “hard reel protector” that increases the protection of stored reels
– Equipped with a three-dimensional molded “large-capacity pocket”
– A ball handle with a ball frame that prevents it from popping out.・Double
molded handle that is easy to grip and does not slip
・Shoulder pads with grip holes that are gentle on the shoulders and easy to
grab ・Inside has a separator to separate spare rods, etc., rod fixing belt, interline wire pocket, and multi-purpose pocket
・Double molded bottom cup that is non-slip and impact resistant

Silver, Black


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