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Glove maintenance requires unexpected attention

Gloves that protect your hands and support rod grip are important items for both safety and actual fishing. Daily care is essential for stable performance.
However, maintaining gloves is surprisingly difficult. Natural materials are especially delicate, and if you don’t maintain them properly, they can lose fat and become stiff and stiff.
Gloves in recent years are becoming more and more popular with attention to fit and feel in order to provide a delicate touch. In order to maintain the original texture of a product, it is important to perform maintenance appropriate to the product and material.
However, rock fishing is a type of fishing where the gloves tend to get dirty and smelly due to bait and tides. In particular, the odor cannot be removed just by wiping the surface. If possible, everyone would like to thoroughly wash their clothes with water to remove dirt and odors.
Tournament gloves, Daiwa’s top rock fishing brand, have been developed with an emphasis on ease of use and fit during actual fishing. The next theme is “maintainability.” Easy and proper care means that the original performance of the glove, such as fit, feel, and grip, can be maintained for a long period of time. After carefully selecting materials from the viewpoint of easy care, the development team focused on synthetic leather.

Texture that does not change even after repeated washing

Synthetic leather has a structure in which the surface of the base fabric is coated with polyurethane. The texture and texture are natural and imitate real leather, but the coated surface basically does not absorb water. Of course, it is not completely waterproof as it absorbs water from the sewing threads and seams, but the material itself is extremely resistant to water, dirt, and odors.
Synthetic leather also has the advantage of being resistant to deterioration even when washed with water. This means that even after repeated washing, the gloves will not lose oil, will not become hard, and will maintain their performance for a long time. The durability is also perfect.
“Tournament Gloves / DG-1223T/DG-1323T” uses thin synthetic leather and a newly designed sewing pattern that takes into account the curves of the hand. Its natural fit is comparable to genuine leather.
After fishing, all you have to do is wash your hands with water. If the smell or dirt is severe, it is best to use a neutral detergent.
It maintains its natural texture even after repeated washing. “Tournament Gloves / DG-1223T/DG-1323T” is a product with which we are confident that you can enjoy high-quality hand sensitivity for a long time.
Instep: Main body synthetic leather Part synthetic leather
Palm: Main body synthetic leather Part Synthetic leather


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Daiwa DG-1223T Tournament Glove 3-Cut 2023
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