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Adopts the highest quality GORE-TEX PRO throughout. A heavy-duty model ideal for rocky shores.

Adopts GORE-TEX PRO fabric, a breathable and waterproof material that has the highest durability among all GORE-TEX fabrics.
A new feature is the rain pants and floating vest connection system that makes it easier to connect the crotch belt.Adopts a three-dimensional pattern that does not hinder the movement of arms and legs and allows for smooth rod work and smooth movements necessary in the field.
Waterproof zippers are used in various pockets to prevent water from entering, minimizing moisture inside the clothes.Combination system compatible floating vest and zipper combine to ensure visibility of your feet and improve safety.
In addition to adopting a cap-in-clip type that secures the hood by holding the brim of the cap with a clip, a
DDS dial is installed at the rear of the hood that allows you to instantly adjust the fit by operating a dial to ensure left and right visibility and prevent the hood from flapping. Reduce.
The ventilation provided inside the pocket releases the moisture inside the clothes to the outside by opening the pocket zipper.
The triangular gusset on the front of the pants reduces water seepage from the outside.
Equipped with a loop at the waist that can be used as a towel hanger or hip guard loop.
Equipped with removable suspenders with anti-slip placed on the back of the belt to prevent the suspenders from shifting or slipping during rod action or casting.
The hem part is made of abrasion-resistant material.
Comes with a storage bag for convenient carrying.

daiwa technology

combination up system
Combination system compatible floating vest and zipper integrate clothing and floating vest. Since the thickness of the floating vest on the front of the body is eliminated, the visibility of the feet is expanded and safety is greatly improved when moving on the shore. It also reduces the pressure on your body caused by wearing a floating vest.

Other functions

GORE-TEX products
GORE-TEX products guarantee high waterproofness backed by rigorous laboratory tests. It has high moisture permeability and actively removes moisture from inside clothing, taking comfort and protection to a new level.
GORE WINDSTOPPER® are registered trademarks of WL, Gore & Associates.


Body: 100% nylon, fabric part: 100% nylon (Gore-Tex® fabric breathable and waterproof, 3 layers)
Waterproof zipper (jacket front/Vislon)
By using a waterproof zipper that reduces water intrusion, it minimizes the ingress of water into your clothes and prevents your body and stored items from getting wet.
cap-in clip
Secure the hood by clipping the brim of the cap. Ensures left and right visibility and reduces hood flapping.
A comfortable feature that allows you to secure the optimal fit and left and right visibility just by turning the dial. The structure allows you to easily tighten it where you need it, then pull it to release the lock and loosen it, allowing you to instantly improve your fit and concentration. In addition, since there are no extra adjustment strings or belts coming out, it can reduce tangles with hooks, lines, etc.
hood ventilation
Increases ventilation inside the hood, reducing stuffiness on the head and the hood flapping.
hood rain return
The edge of the hood near the face is folded back to reduce the infiltration of raindrops.
Double cuffs (free cut)
Equipped with lightweight cuffs on the inner sleeves to reduce water seepage through the cuffs. You can also cut it to your desired length.
Hem spindle (inside pocket adjustment)
By placing the spindle inside the pocket, the excess after squeezing does not come out, preventing rods and hooks from unintentionally getting tangled, allowing you to concentrate on fishing. Adjustment is possible with the lace lock inside the pocket.
Waist string adjustment specifications
Equipped with a size adjustment cord at the waist of the pants. It is possible to adjust the fit at the waist.
Waist crimp rib specifications
The crimp rib design contributes to weight reduction and prevents it from slipping down.
Triangular gusset to prevent flooding
Equipped with a triangular gusset that prevents water from entering through the front zipper.
pants side loops
Equipped with loops for carrying small items on both sides of the waist to prevent the hip guard from slipping and can be used as a towel hanger.
Suspenders (removable)
Features removable suspenders to prevent them from slipping down. Depending on the situation and preference, you can use it in two ways: “pants only” or “with suspenders.”
suspenders with anti-slip
Non-slip pads are placed on the back of the belt to prevent the suspenders from slipping during rod action or casting.
Reinforcement material (hem)
Reinforced fabric protects areas that are particularly prone to chafing when fishing. Protects your clothing from scratches, etc.

*This image is for functional explanation. The design of the actual product may differ.

Iso Column – Floating vest and pants docked with buckle and belt –

I want to eliminate the hassle of crotch belts.

Some people don’t like the crotch belt on floating vests. It’s true that having two belts stuck between your legs is not comfortable. Also, the crotch belt takes time to put on and take off, so it’s also a hassle when you want to adjust your layering by taking off your midler while fishing. Even though we know that crotch belts are necessary equipment to protect our lives, they are still a nuisance.
Daiwa’s Iso wear has continued to be developed with a “sense of unity” as one of its pillars. The combination-up system that combines a floating vest and rain jacket with a zipper is a feature that can be said to be a symbol of Daiwa Iso Wear. By enhancing the sense of unity between the vest and jacket, it reduces the discomfort when wearing it, and also improves safety on the rocks with poor footing by ensuring visibility of your feet.
Daiwa’s quest for a greater sense of unity was due to the complication and discomfort of the crotch belt, which had previously been the biggest obstacle. As long as it is a lifesaving device, the existence of the crotch belt cannot be eliminated. However, we thought that the stress caused by the crotch belt could be reduced by modifying the structure, so we began research and development.
A new idea to achieve this is to directly combine the floating vest with rainwear pants without using the crotch belt. The pants of the “Tournament Gore-Tex Pro His Combination Up Rain Suit” have a built-in belt with a buckle inside the pocket. By pulling this belt out of the pocket and connecting it to the crotch belt buckle of the “Tournament Barrier Tech Cyber ​​Float,” which will be released at the same time, we created a structure that allows the floating vest and pants to be connected directly.

Easy to adjust layering and looks smart

The new combination-up system makes it much easier to put on and take off vests and jackets. In spring and autumn, there is a large difference in temperature between morning and day, and we often have to take off our midlers on the shore. The newly constructed belt connection system allows you to put on and take off your jacket while keeping the vest hanging from your pants, so you can easily adjust your layering even on the shore.
Even when simply putting on and taking off the vest, it is very easy to combine with rain pants with a single buckle. If you think about how you used to have to pull the belt that used to hang down your back from between your legs, you can say that the hassle of crotch belts has been greatly reduced.
In addition, the crotch belt does not pass between the legs, which greatly improves the wearing experience. Not only does it not tighten around the crotch, giving it a natural feel, but the crotch belt is no longer visible, making it look very stylish. If you combine the vest and jacket with a zipper, you can put them on and take them off as if they were just one jacket.
Daiwa’s goal of creating a sense of unity between clothing and the body has been further enhanced by the new combination-up system. Please enjoy the ultimate comfort.
Color and Size

Black M, Black L, Black XL, Black 2XL, Black 3XL, White M, White L, White XL, White 2XL


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