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“45°” is optimal for preventing twisting. Optimal structure to prevent twisting, revolutionizing power and operability. By wrapping DAIWA’s unique bias cloth (carbon fiber, etc. diagonally oriented at ±45°) around the conventional structure (0° and 90° relative to the rod tip), twisting is prevented and power, operability, and sensitivity are dramatically improved. improved. *The naming uses the “45°” X structure, which is the strongest against twisting. “X Torque” has been renamed to “X45” as a worldwide trademark.

mega top

■MEGATOP [Mega Top]

MegaTop is a carbon solid with evenly distributed fibers and resin, which bends the same way in all directions. Furthermore, the strength is dramatically improved compared to normal carbon solid. This makes it possible to create thin, flexible, and highly tapered tips. Not only the sensitivity that resonates in the hand, which is unique to carbon materials, but also the visual sensitivity that appears on the tip has been greatly improved.



For carbon sheets, which have the greatest impact on rod performance, Daiwa focused not only on increasing the elasticity of the carbon fibers themselves, but also on the amount of adhesive-like resin that holds the carbon fibers together. “High-density HVF carbon” reduces the amount of resin, which can be called excess fat, and increases the density of carbon fiber instead, making it more muscular and powerful. This material is ideal for rods that place emphasis on tenacity and strength.


0.8-53, 1-45, 1-53, 1.25-50, 1.25-53, 1.5-45, 1.5-50, 1.5-53, 1.5-63, 1.75-50, 1.75-53, 2-50, 2-53, 3-53HR, 4-50HR, 5-50HR, 6-48HR


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