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Lablax AGS

Sharp casting and sensitivity open up the seabass game.

A full-fledged model with lightness, comfort and sensitivity to help you catch more fish.

Sea bass fishing involves casting lures of all sizes and retreving them repeatedly. This is because sea bass fishing is a game where you  repeatedly cast and gather information to find out where the sea bass are and the optimal trajectory and action of the lure. For this reason, Daiwa believes that when choosing a rod to pursue sea bass fishing, it is necessary to pursue casting performance first and true sensitivity for gathering information second. The concept of the new LABRAX AGS is “shaking sensation”. DAIWA paid particular attention to the cast and sensitivity. Casting distance, casting accuracy are all considered.

This new LABRAX AGS is a high-spec specification that has been carefully crafted with only the sea bass game in mind.

In Sydney Australia, we can use LABLAX for kingfish fishing where also requies you to keep casting, so the lightweight and sensitivity are important to be considered.

  • 110M-3 N : A long distance casting model (3 Pieces) , it is light enough to handle even in the surf. 3-piece design that balances lightness and portability. Total length 3.35m, closing length: 118cm, weight: 167g,  Lure weight: 10-50g, PE: 0.8-2.0, Nylon :10-20lb.
  • 110MH-3 N: A high-power model that is useful for rocks and surf (3 Pieces), you can cast metal jigs and heavy sinking pencils from long distances to target offshore tides and shad. Total length 3.35m, closing length 118cm, weight: 180g, lure weight:12-60, PE 1.0-2.5, Nylon:12-25lb.

110M-3.N, 110MH -3.N


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DAIWA LABRAX AGS Rock Shoot Fishing Rod
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