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■“New combination handle” popular for its ease of grip and use
■“Equipped with a large diameter simple rod stand” convenient for temporarily storing rods and handles (up to original diameter of about 44 mm)
*Note: When the wind is strong Please do not use the fishing rod or leave the handle upright for long periods of time. It may cause damage or fall.
■ “Air pump pocket” that can store 2 (45 size) air pumps (also can store small items) * 40 size can store 1, 45 size can store 2 of our air pumps
■ “Mesh” that makes it easy to see the inside and drain water easily “Transparent inner pig with a window”
■Diagonal zipper that makes it easy to put fish in, inner pig with a measuring tape
■Easy to wash and hard to get caught!! “Rounded bottom corner” (white color that is easy to see when looking inside)
■Does not use shoulder strap “Towel hanger that doubles as a belt holder”
■Resistant to salt stains!! “Large zipper” (main zipper)
■Built-in stainless steel frame that is resistant to rust


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