Type: floating (diving pencil)

Length: 160mm

Weight: 64g (with hooks) 54g (without hooks)

Come with 2/0 trebles and #8 split rings ready to cast.

The dimple structure on the side of the body adjusts the turbulence of the air flow in the same way as the principle of a golf ball, and realizes a stable flight distance even in strong winds.

Furthermore, during the dive action, the air accumulated in the dimples becomes bubbles in the water and a “bubble mask” that wraps the lure is generated, and the synergistic effect of wobbling action + “popper-like bubbles” appeals to the target!

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Comment from Mr. Nagayama, DAIWA staff in charge of SALTIGA: 

From experts to beginners, we aimed to develop a diving pencil with actual fishing performance that can be trusted in full width so that it can always be brought to the ship as the go-to lure.

The performance required for each amberjack field in Japan is different, but this lure is designed with extremely high controllability, and it is possible to produce a wide range of actions with the intention of the angler.

By all means, anglers, please explore the action that matches your field with this lure.

And, what I was particular about in this lure was the slide action in the lateral and diagonal lateral directions when floating.

From experience to Tohoku, Kanto, and Kyushu, this action is a deadly action that can universally switch on amberjack.

By all means, I hope that you can catch the big pelagic that will set a new self-record with this lure.


Sardine, Purple Back, Flying Fish, Pink Back, Silver Bait, Crystal Clear


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