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  • Compact size that is easy to match with DRESS tactical leg bag
  • 6-needle type that makes it easy to hang squid.
  • White tip specification that enhances visibility when landing.
  • Grip in non-slip even with wet hands
  • Convenient to carry with carabiner.
  • Size: Total length (when unfolded) Approx:3m, Closed dimension: 320mm, Grip diameter:28.5mm, Gaff diameter:45mm
  • Number of joints:14
  • Weight: About 270g
  • Materials: Carbon, Aluminum, EVA
  • JAN:4571443177889

*Do not use for anything other than its intended purpose.
*Although we take all possible measures to ensure the quality, please check for damage before use. Please do not use it by any chance when malfunction is found.
*We are not responsible for damage, accidents, injuries, etc. due to incorrect use. Also, the needle part of the gaff is very sharp and dangerous. Please handle it safely.
* Strong impact or excessive weight may cause damage.
*Please note that slight discoloration cannot be avoided even with normal use. In addition, there may be cases where parts malfunction or print peeling may occur due to aged deterioration and usage conditions.
* Please be careful as the color may fade or transfer to other objects due to friction.
*Avoid storing in hot and humid conditions or in places exposed to light.
*Please refrain from using near fire.
*Do not use near high-voltage wires or electric wires, as there is a risk of electric shock.
*There is a risk of lightning strikes, so please do not use it in bad weather with thunder.
*Product specifications may change slightly depending on the lot without prior notice.


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