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A multi-tool for exclusive use of the fishing that is good to an attendant of the fishing.
When folded, it is about 65 mm long and weighs about 40 g, so it is light enough to be carried in a pocket. Inside, there are 6 functions that are convenient for making devices such as cutting, tying, bending, making, sharpening, and stabbing.
Quick and easy to use, it is an indispensable tool that meets the needs of your fishing life.


● Line cutter (cut)
You can cut the line. Please remove the lock before use.
* PE line may be difficult to cut.

Loop tire (tie)

You can easily create a tithua knot that directly connects a thread to the nobe pole that does not use the reel.

● Eye tuner (bending)
You can adjust the bent lure and the part that connects the needle thread (eye).

● Quick knot tool (make)
Supports the creation of knots that connect needle and thread. You can create various knots depending on your ingenuity.

●Hook sharpener (sharpening)
You can sharpen the tip of the hook.
*Be sure to wet it with water before using. If it is dry, the hook will be sharpened too much, and the finish will be uneven because it cannot be sharpened smoothly.
*Do not immerse in sea water.
*Do not apply excessive force as it will not be possible to store it if it deforms too much.

●Hook eye cleaner (piercing)
Can be used for cleaning painted jig heads and lure needle threads (eyes).

Size (approx. mm): Length 65 x Width 32 x Thickness 16

■Weight: about 40g


※ please do not use for any purpose other than the original purpose. we are not responsible for damage or accidents caused by incorrect use, so please handle it safely.
※ we take all possible measures for quality, but please check whether there is any damage before use. should there be a problem, do not use it.
※ please lubricate the moving parts regularly. if you do not fail, it may cause malfunction, malfunction, etc.
* please be careful when handling parts because there is a risk of injury due to corners, burrs, line cutter blades, hook eye cleaner tips, etc. in addition, we are not responsible for injuries, accidents, etc.
* if you give a strong impact, there is a risk of deformation or damage.
※ because there is a case of malfunction due to salt bite, etc., be sure to wash with water after use and dry it thoroughly in the shade before storing.
* it may be deformed or discolored due to usage conditions and aging.
※the texture of the color may be different depending on the lot.
※ please keep out of reach of small children.
* product specifications are subject to change without notice.





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