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Attracts fish from deep waters to the surface!!
A talented popper that emphasizes the ability to attract fish.

  • Balanced center of gravity design provides both outstanding long-distance casting performance and operability.
  • The loud popping sound and splash,
    and continuous bubbles that appeal to fish in deep water.
  • High strength and thick body makes it very useful for targeting small to medium-sized blue fish.

Color Explanation

  • HKVK: Effective against bites and scratches, natural color, It has UV coloring that makes it stand out. A secret color that often produces results especially when fish are reluctant to eat, and you want to use it when there is no reaction with an appealing. It is also effective even in situations where visible light is week, such as in small areas and deep areas.
  • TM: A trump card for extremely small bait patterns, there is nothing better than clear color when preying on extremely small baits such as whitebait. It blends in with the color of the water, but the light that passes through it causes diffused reflection, creating a glittering collection of tiny baits. It is most effective in clear, calm and tough conditions.

Spec: 90mm , 23.5g, ring #4,hook #3

120mm, 45g, ring #5, hook #1

Fyling distance: 90mm, max 60m, 120mm max 70m

Type: Floating.

Color and Size

HKVK 90mm, HKVK 120mm, TM 90mm, TM 120mm


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