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The 3rd generation of the Attender was conceived with the aim of “capturing the target fish with ease”, which epitomises the authentic value of the Gamakatsu Iso fishing rods with the signature feature of the iso fishing rods, “just by angling the rod, the fish will rise”.

In order to add further strength and power, the blank adopts the ultimate development of ASD (Active Suspension Design) “Ultra ASD”. The gradual bend puts less pressure on thin lines, enabling you to capture even timid fish with a subtle approach. To enhance usability, Gamakatsu have recasted the shape of the reel seat and end grip, and adopted a model that is comfortable to hold and functional when fishing. Furthermore, by adopting a short tip design, it is possible to instantly draw out the power of the torso of the blank while improving operability. In addition, the position of the centre of gravity is optimised to reduce the weight when holding the rod in the fishing spot. With various new elements, the long awaited Attender has evolved further.

Short-term design

The tip part has been shortened resulting in heightened operability, which is a noted weak point of body condition rods. Additionally, the ratio of the length of the part receiving the pull when engaging with a fish is increased, allowing for more confident response.

Low centre of gravity design

To ensure optimal weight balance, the design of the rod has been engineered to reduce fatigue. By shifting the weight distribution to the end grip, this allows the tackle to flow more easily and permits heightened dexterity.

Ultra ASD (active suspension design)

Featuring “Ultra ASD”, this rod efficiently maximizes its flexing potential. The “clearance” at the joint has been minimised to enhance the rod’s smooth, curved action. Additionally, using a special material with strong shock absorption at the joint makes the rod behave like a single piece, flexing without becoming harder. Different joint hardness levels won’t interfere with bend action, so when a fish strikes, the entire rod will stay in place and keep the fish hooked.

Tough matrix system

TORAYCA(R) T1100G Carbon presents an unprecedented level of strength. Whereas Gamakatsu IsO rods previously employed only vertical fibers, Attender 3 deploys fibers in many directions. Hence, Attender 3 offers remarkable resistance to bending and crushing, making it the world’s strongest carbon sheet. Furthermore, its implementation in Attender 3 allows for a lighter weight base pipe as well as enhanced durability in the restricted area. With high-grade materials, Attender 3 underwent a dramatic transformation.

Reel seat rubber

The reel seat uses a carbon-containing resin “Tufflight” to reduce weight and improve rigidity. The rubber part has a shape that enhances the fit and has been textured to improve grip.

New rubber grip (rod butt)

 Equipped with a rubberised end grip that provides a comfortable, secure grip when held. This grip prevents the rod butt from sliding during operation, keeping it close to the elbow, and will maintain a tight fit against the body during power fights against larger fish.


No. 0

Designed to be the slimmest in the series. Therefore, you can use the entire rod to catch the fish, and you can easily catch even large bream without causing the fish to move wildly. It has a flexible tone that suppresses slapping to the utmost, but the new material and short tip design provide just the right amount of tension, making it more comfortable to operate and cast long distances, allowing you to delicately attack even in slippery situations.

No. 0.6

We can handle any situation with bream fishing. Even a small bite can bend firmly and enjoy pulling. Even if a large fish comes along, you can float it with ease without flinching. The tip has just the right amount of tension and the entire rod has a low center of gravity, improved balance.

No. 1

This is a model that can be used for a wide range of fish, from black drummer 30cm-40cm length. Ideal for fishing forcibly on rocky shores with tight roots or in situations where there is a lot of seaweed from winter to early summer, and for attacking drummer that are hard to bite using thin bait. Equipped with the latest materials, we can handle even if a good mold unexpectedly comes along.

No. 1.25

Designed to accurately snatch drummers up to 40 cm, its short tip offers improved maneuverability in challenging situations. Its exclusive active suspension construction delivers even fulcrum motion, enabling it to accommodate larger drummer up to 50 cm on light tackle. The rod is light and suitable as an all rounder rod in the estuary and rocks. We recommends this rod for species such as blackfish, bream, trevally and drummer together.

No. 1.5

Designed for targeting drummers from small to medium sizes, the Attender III has the power and body to handle drummers up to 50 cm in size. Additionally, its unique body shape provides exceptional performance when pursuing the main sizes between 30-45 cm. The rod is light and suitable as an all rounder rod on the rocks. We recommends this rod for species such as blackfish, bream, trevally and drummer together.

No. 1.75

It is the best model for aiming for drummer in structure and suitable for drummer around the 50cm mark. It has not only power but also enough stickiness, so you can target the monster class that lurks in the wash. Even a 60cm class drummer can be handled firmly.

Made in Japan 



0-530, 0.6-530, 1-500, 1-530, 1.25-500, 1.25-530, 1.5-500, 1.5-530, 1.75-500, 1.75-530


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