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Gamaiso Intessa has continued to run at the highest peak in the long and deep history of rock fishing. What is the mission given to the fifth generation? It is “power” that overwhelms others. In recent years, many distinctive rods have been created in the Gamaiso series, and new rod angles and ways to use them have been born and developed. Because these rods have their own characteristics, there are optimal angles and conditions for use, and by understanding these, the characteristics of the rod can be maximized. This time, Intessa GV has been developed with the aim of eliminating the concept of “conditions of use” and creating a tone that will demonstrate its strongest “power” no matter the situation or usage method. For this purpose, we first adopted Super ASD (Active Suspension Design). By reducing the level difference at the seam and smoothing out stress distribution, it exhibits beautiful bending and stickiness when the rod is laid down. Furthermore, torsion rigidity is strengthened by adopting PCS (Power Cross System). Even when the rod is set up, it is difficult to swing, allowing for stable interaction. Gamakatsu’s two latest technologies are simultaneously adopted and refined through numerous actual fishing tests by Gamakatsu’s proud team of top testers. The “all-angle compatible tone” that can only be given to Intessa, which goes beyond the concepts of front tone and body tone, has been completed. The rod works accurately and overwhelmingly in all situations, from offensive situations such as “standing the rod up, laying it down, swimming sideways,” to defensive situations such as “being about to be carried over, being pushed in front of you, being run sideways.” It supports anglers with its “power”. The moment you hold the Intessa GV, which is equipped with these excellent functions, you will feel an indescribable “density” packed with everything. More than just a tool, it will give you a sense of absolute trust as a reliable companion who will accompany you through the drama that unfolds on the ocean.


1.25-500, 1.25-530, 1.5-500, 1.5-530, 1.75-500, 1.75-530, 2-500, 2-530, 2.5-500, 2.5-530, 3-530


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Gamakatsu INTESSA G5
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