Made in Japan.

Rod comes with fleece made inner rod bag.

***New Zealand clients please contact us regarding freight cost before ordering***


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HAMMERHEAD’s “FAUBE Series” popping rods are easy to use, they are made to draw out the potential of the lure itself.

In casting, the blank’s repulsive force (restoring force) is strong, so the flight distance will also increase according to the applied force.

The weight of the rod is light and easy to cast all day.

With these HAMMERHEAD popping rods, the popping actions can be done easily with few strikes.

In the fight, the force moves cleanly from the tip to the butt, and the repulsive force of the strong repulsive blank itself
(Restoring power) makes the fish float, making it much easier to fight the fish.

If you can pull out the restoring force of the rod sufficiently (you can fight while maintaining the rod angle at about 45-60 °) GT can be lifted easily by making full use of its resilience.

In the test, we (HAMMERHEAD JAPAN) used high tension of line PE12, lure 230g, drag 15kg or more.

If the fish is directly underneath, the rod will not be able to fully exert its resilience, please be careful and avoid this situation from happening, as it may cause damage to the blank.


77M+, 78ML


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