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After Mr. Seiichi Nagai brought the sandpaper onto the boat and repeatedly filed off the jigs himself on every fishing trips, we have finally found the satisfactory shape. The thinnest and longest ever silhouette provides excellent and smooth line out and the sliding width during jerking, as well as reduced pulling weight, and can appeal against the target extensively. It also gives the timing of biting for bluerunners with irregular action during falling.
Various line-ups of Otoko jig are now available; “Regular type” (130-180g), “DZ type” for Ddeep zones and rapid current areas (200g) and “Expedition type” for King fish (230g and 280g).

This is effective not only for King Fish, but also for Big Amberjack and Dogtooth Tuna.

Made in Japan

ideal for

  • Big kingfish
  • Regular type : 130g-180g
  • Deep zones: 200g
  • Expedition type: 230g-280g

Available Weight/Length:

  • 130g/190mm
  • 150g/210mm
  • 180g/265mm
  • 200g/260mm
  • 230g/290mm
  • 280g/310mm

1 Saber/Nickel, 2 Saber/Crash, 3 Saber/Round, 4 Pink, 5 Blue/Pink, 6 Pink/Gold, 7 Green/Gold, 8 Blue/Gold Pink, 9 Sardine, 10 Pacific Saury, 11 Pearl/Squid, 12 Pink/Glow


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