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Mute body that suppresses landing sound

There are rockfish that dislike the sound of water landing.

Mute Ball was born to capture such rockfish.

The hybrid body, which combines plastic and soft materials, reduces the sound of landing and makes it difficult for fish to scatter. Furthermore, even after landing on the water, the interference sound between the body and the hook is suppressed to attract fish without making them feel uncomfortable.

Minnow type action

The minnow type, which dives just below the surface of the water and attracts with weak, swaying movement, is especially suited to situations where it is preying on baitfish.

The main focus is slow winding, and when drifting, the body sways and appeals even with the slightest stream of water.

Stop and go is also effective, and you will get many bites during your stay.

Two layers ( soft and hard) coloring that gives a sense of life.

Achieves three-dimensional coloring that was previously impossible.

With spare body: one spare soft body is included, it can be replaced when damaged.

Equipped with drain hole at the rear end of the soft body. Water is automatically discharged by centrifugal force during casting.



Sally Green, Chart Glow Crash, Amiball Glow Crash, Clear Silver Glitter, See-through Sardines, Chirimin Sabiki, Stray and Cracked, real carp squid


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