Total length: 7 feet 1 inch (2.15m)

PE line: max PE#3

Lure: 2~40g

Closed length: 48cm

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JetSlow×TULALA JetSetter 71S


are old-fashioned rich and fashionable people who travel a lot!jet-setter
. People are busy jetting around the world and traveling for their favorite activities.The Jet Setter (Jet Tribe) series is a traveling rod that we requested from Icsurara to give it the name “Jet Tribe.”JetSlow×TULALA JETSETTER 71S

A powerful all-round spinning rod. At 7 feet 1 inch, it is a 5-piece that is easy to handle both from the boat and from shore.

The pack rod called Jet Setter is a versatile rod series with increased versatility for catching medium-sized lure from all over the world.

The lures used are minnows, medium cranks, spinner baits, vibrations, etc. ranging from 2g to 40g. Freshwater bass, trout, sea bass, sea bass, and even egging for spinning models.

We have made it possible to carry it on board by making the final size less than 55cm in total length, which is the carry-on limit. It can also be stored in a standard trunk or Boston bag. The Jetsetter is a must-have item for any journey, and will always be with you without bothering you.

In special cases, it is a rod packaging that allows you to meet quality fish, and its compactness and versatility increase the chances of enjoying fishing, such as on a motorcycle fishing trip, a little fishing on a business trip, or keeping it in your car. That’s the jet setter concept.

Ford, Every Stream.

Be careful not to loosen the rod. Damage may occur if each rod is not connected securely. Although it is made to be durable as a pack rod and multi-piece type, it can be damaged depending on the load, such as fighting with a very large or strong fish, holding the line to bring it in, or bending it at a sharp angle when pulling out a fish forcibly. Sometimes. In case of damage, replacement parts are available for each piece (tip, second, third, fourth…) for a fee. If you send us the damaged part, we will send you a replacement part for cash on delivery.
Also, applying rod ferrule wax to the joints will prevent them from coming loose and making them less difficult to remove.

Rod case “Predator” is included.
Currently, a rod belt is not included.


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Jetslow * TULALA JetSetter 71S Travel Rod for all fishes

Availability: 1 in stock

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