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JUMPRIZE 102 series

The length of  102 has a great meaning.

Like he 96 series, the blank configuration adopted for the Blue Battle 102 series is a 15t+24t MIX structure.

JUMPRIZE believes that this is the strongest configuration method that combines breaking strength, fighting performance, and operability at this stage.

As a result of thorough development and actual fishing tests in the field, JUMPRIZE came to the conclusion that 102 is the maximum length that can achieve both stress-free and comfortable handing of the plug and power fight to prevent large blue fish from taking the initiative came.

SPEC] Two Limit Blue Battle 102 Series
PE line plug leader own weight drag Base price
muscle finesse
2-3 25-65g

JIG 100g MAX

40-70lb 342g Best: 6kg Max: 9kg AU$860




2.5~4 25~80g

JIG 120g MAX

40-80lb 357g Best: 8kg Max: 11kg AU$885


3-5 30~100g

JIG 150g MAX

50-100lb 388g Best: 10kg Max: 13kg AU$899

Made in Japan Total length: 10.2ft (310cm) Closing dimension: 158.5cm

Product specifications are subject to change without notice due to model changes of parts used or product improvements. note that.

◆Two Limit Blue Battle 102/3 Muscle Finesse

Developed to completely control large blue fish after a hit with a light line of PE size 2 to 3 and a style that emphasizes feeding.
It can be operated freely in a wide range of ways, from small plugs such as a flying spoon to Lala Pen 165F. The tip configuration is also ideal for shore jigging of 60 to 100g.
A special model that is both soft and strong and can go head-to-head with amberjack of 10 to 15 kg in size.

◆Two Limit Blue Battle 102/4 Standard

A standard model in the PE4 class that can be used in fields all over the country.
Fully compatible with general lures, skipping, and shore jigging of about 60 to 120g.
The flexibility of the tip reduces mis-action of the plug and mis-hooking due to flashy bites.
After a hit, the center of gravity smoothly shifts to the butt part and the entire rod holds it while holding it, so it is designed to prevent large fish from moving wildly.

◆Two Limit Blue Battle 102/5 Hydrag

A high-end model that focuses on cutting down the play area to the limit in order to compete on difficult terrain with severe ups and downs.
If you are in a situation where it is possible to feed even PE5, there is no need to use a thin line.
Developed to make a bold appeal with a big plug, and after a hit, to shut down large fish with a 10kg drag.
Blanks composition that assumes not only amberjack but also amberjack and GT.



102/3 Muscle Finesse, 102/4 Standard, 102/5 Hydrag


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JUMPRIZE TWO LIMIT Blue Battle 102 Series Fishing Rod
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