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Jigpara Wind Slim Start Kit

Wind game is now a standard in salt game. With the Jig Para Wind Slim Start Kit, you can enjoy wind games just by setting it on your tackle. Experience the “ultimate sharpness” with the newly designed starter kit and get hairtail fish more easily and more fun.

[Super strong light emitter, dedicated wire, dedicated assist hook]
“Super strong light emitter” (manufactured by River Roots) that is effective in night games. A “special wire” that dramatically reduces troubles caused by sharp teeth such as cutlassfish. A “dedicated assist hook” is essential in situations where the fish are reluctant to eat. We have created a complete set of these items that are essential for wind games.

slim head
The newly designed “slim head” makes it easier to dart, and produces optimal darts with light force. The head shape with a low center of gravity and reduced lift allows you to explore the same depth, and is effective even when just winding.
slim pintail
The newly designed worm “Slim Pintail” targets hairtail fish that are highly active by winding, and if the activity decreases, even slight waves caused by winding will be effective. Perfectly compatible with the “Slim Head”, you can easily enjoy games with light force.
slim shad tail
“Slim Shad Tail” is a newly designed worm that simply winds its tail to create powerful waves to attract hairtail fish from a distance. The synergistic effect with the “slim head” that can search the same depth is especially effective when there is no sign of the fish or when the fish are reluctant to bite.
Size and Color

Super Glow 17g, Pink Glow 17g


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