Type: sinking

Length: 150mm
Weight: 100g (unrigged)
*Sinking speed: ~ 0.7 seconds/m
* Around 112g including hooks & split rings

Made in Japan. 

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Maria have introduced an “Invitation”  method aimed at when kingfish are not active in deep areas where jigs have little reaction.

The “Invitation” is a method that uses slow actions to approach low-activity periods when the fish hidden in the deep range during the day. The buoyancy particular to the plug, which is not found in jigs, works well making it possible for anglers to make slow
actions to attract inactive feeders.

In addition, the operating sensitivity for the new Rerise S150 is excellent both in terms of fishing in deeper waters and strong currents. The weight will also allow anglers to use heavy gear such as PE4~6 and still achieve great distance to cover ground and get the lure into the strike zone of predators.

After a period of high activity periods early morning, the “Rerise S150” enables anglers to continue to chase pelagics in the inactive periods with ease, solving a major issue for many anglers.


B04C, B13H, B21H, B49D, B50D, B54H


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Maria Rerise S150 Sinking Stickbait
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