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The MAKINOTANE uniquely pairs a flared head with a silicone rubber tail, an irresistible combination for fish that prey on squid, octopus and ragworms. It’s incredibly easy to use. Simply let it sink to the desired depth then reel, then once MAKINOTANE rises to the top of the target range, stop your retrieve and let it drop again. Repeat. That’s all there is to it. So deliciously simple anyone can expect serious results, which is precisely why the Megabass development team has kept this secret weapon under wraps—until now. What makes the MAKINOTANE so effective is its ability to scout the full range of your target area while homing in on the ideal depth. Once you hit bottom, reel in a little more if you’re hunting mid-depth feeders. If it’s bottom feeders you’re after, reel in a little less each time to keep MAKINOTANE closer to the bottom with each rise. Either way, the repeated contact with the bottom captures the attention of any fish around!

The simple cast-and-drop action of the Makinotane makes fishing for saltwater game second nature.


Target Fish : Flounder, magochi, grouper, sea ruffe, amberjack (mid to large), Japanese Spanish mackerel, greater amberjack, red seabream, blackhead seabream, seabass, and more.


  • How to use: Just reel and pause, then repeat
  • Teardrop Head: Liftin off the bottom on the retrieve, the precision-engineered head bobs and wriggles irresistibly.
  • Hook unit for various species, suitable for various species, the triple hook connects via a split ring, for easy replacement.
  • Hook Size:





Silver Glow, Pink Silver, Green Gold, AKAKIN


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