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Introducing a specially tuned MAKIPPA model for sharp-toothed predators such as Spanish mackerel and hairtail. The hook attachment features a split ring and swivel design that has completely eliminated the possibility of fish biting through the assist leader. The Colorado blade on the rear hook maintains stable swimming, preventing the lure from popping out of the water. The SAWARA TUNE features high-speed flashing and powerful vibration that intensely triggers target fish. Depending on the situation you can remove the front hook and attach a single or treble hook to the belly. All colors use the ultraviolet Keimura finish which is able to trigger strong bites during the high activity periods of the morning and evening. The perfectly tuned MAKIPPA SAWARE TUNE will become the new backbone of your casting games.

Customization eyes

  Equipped with a Colorado blade for high-speed retrieves.


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MEGABASS MAKIPPA SAWARA TUNE 40g – A specially tuned MAKIPPA for Sharp-toothed predators

Availability: 1 in stock

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