Bending curve with 1kg load:

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Iron Flick Aggressive IFAB-5101. A model that covers everything from bridging in the coastal area to large root fish such as deep amberjack, longtooth grouper, and grouper on remote islands. The high-elasticity material provides moderate resilience, and can be used from high-pitch jerk with initial velocity after touching the bottom to middle-speed jerk that emphasizes “slowly moving” appeal. It is a rod that allows you to swim the jig flexibly while increasing the repulsion of the rod.


The 5104 uses high-elasticity materials to perform high-speed jerk and combination jerk using heavy weight jigs up to 500g in situations where double and triple tides occur in rapid tide deep areas. However, it is premised that the jig is operated using the restoring force, not the rod that does not bend. With a rod that is only hard, the jig moves too strongly, frightening the fish that have shown an interest in the jig. The 5104 makes it easy to grasp the timing to move the jig even when the water depth is deep, and you can operate a jig around 500g with light input with the same feeling as in shallow water.
Jig weight MAX500g.
Water depth is 100m to 300m.
The target fish are amberjack and dogtooth tuna.


IFAB-5101T, IFAB-5104T


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