[PELICAN220F / Pelican 220F]
A swimming popper that swims just below the surface of the water while wearing bubbles.
TARGET:Shore/Offshore Yellowtail Yellowfin Tuna Bluefin Tuna
SIZE: 220mm, 100g
HOOK: 6〜16g
RING: #9〜16
BKK RAPTER 4/0 to 5/0, and GTREX 6/0

Material: Wood MADE IN JAPAN
Total length/Weight 220mm Approximately 100g

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[How to use]
Focusing on short to long jerks, use a rolling action to swim just below the water surface while wrapping yourself in the air bubbles generated when inputting the action. This versatile popper is easy for anyone to use and allows for various effects depending on the type of target, such as popping and staying action with reduced travel distance, and long swimming action with reeling.

【Nature Boys PELICAN 220F】

We started delivering our new diving popper PELICAN220F in Nov 2023.

This diving popper is made of wood in Japan and targets Tuna, Yellowfin and GT.

This lure is equipped with two tungsten weights to ensure a long distance despite its small size. The sharp rolling action appeals to slender sunfish, tuna, and GT.

(Due to the limited production volume, we expect to deliver the products separately.


Purple Back, TOBIUO, Pink Head/ White, GLOWFISH


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