Versertile jigs that can be used for both shore jigging and offshore jigging.

<Shore jigging>
At the shore, targets include sandfish, waraca, and sea bass.
Please use it for single winding, short pitch, and one pitch jerking action.

<Offshore jigging>
Offshore, for super light jigging or shallow jigging, please cast and use diagonal drag, one pitch, short pitch, etc.
For targets that prefer fall action such as red sea bream, Spanish mackerel, blue fish, sea bass, and grouper!

Made in Japan.


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Robust and light action!
Full stainless steel metal jig for casting and jigging
A casting jig with impact resistance and corrosion resistance due to its one-piece construction of stainless steel SUS304.
In addition to darts and slides that take advantage of the lightness of its specific gravity, it also falls in a fluttering manner.
When jigging, the bait such as anchovy is small, and the bait is swimming in a wide range. You can capture amberjack, waraca, red sea bream, and root fish in the shallows in a tight manner.
Trace the range just below the water surface by casting and high-speed reeling.
This is a shooting jig for targeting bonito and tuna.

70g, 90g


06K, 07K, 08K, 09K


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