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Trout Z X

“Trout ZX” was born as the ultimate reaction lure for area trout. The main usage is lift and fall. The quick fall speed that allows you to reach the bottom in an instant, and the vibration action that makes the body vibrate when lifting up, stimulates the fish’s instincts rather than their eating habits to make them react even when they are not responding well. In addition, two snap holes allow you to adjust the strength and irregularity of the vibration. In the front position, when you cast and explore a wide area, you can tighten the vibration so that it does not interfere with catching bites. The action in the latter position is wide and irregular. When searching for short distances such as your feet, you can maximize your appeal by lifting and falling within a narrow range. This is a new category of lure that can get a response in severe situations where fish do not respond to common lures such as spoons, crankbaits, and minnows that everyone uses.



Length: 30mm

Weight: 3.5g

*063 Image Glow


060 Green Gold, 062 Mirror Ball, 063 Pink Glow, 061 Gunmetal


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NORIES Trout Z X Lure
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