L size A total length of 190mm Corresponding ring: # 5-8
Power Jaw A total length of 190mm Corresponding ring: # 5-11
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In order to maintain the original performance for a long time, be sure to wash it with fresh water after using it in sea water.

Periodically lubricate the fulcrum with anti-rust lubricant.

High precision and robust just size fishing pliers

Fishing pliers that are no longer indispensable in lure fishing.

The tip has a split ring opener function, which is convenient for replacing hooks and attaching split rings to line eyes.

The shape is a simple straight type that is intuitive and easy to handle.

The material is made of stainless steel and has excellent durability and is compatible with salt water. It can be used not only as a split ring opener, but also for tasks such as removing hooks from fish mouths, crushing barbs, etc.

With high precision, high strength, and an easy-to-handle size, it is an item that can be used for multiple purposes in fishing scenes.


L, Power Jaw


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