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As the unwavering cornerstone of light shore jigging

Excellent response to rod work. Boogie Walks Melt has accumulated many achievements by faithfully embodying the action intended by anglers. In 2018, it will be reborn as The Smelt. The body design has a sharper and edgier silhouette, and the high response has been refined, demonstrating seamless variable action from minute inputs to powerful rod work. It has the ability to accurately draw out feeding actions according to the target’s activity. A stable flight posture with center balance is also a major factor that leads to fishing results. The Smelt is finally here, having refined the high total performance that has become the benchmark for light shore jigging for many years.


20g, 30g, 40g, 60g


G-04 Glow Pink, H-473 UV Zebra, H-528 Glow Belly, H-530 Zebra Glow, RZ-205 Pink Sardine, RZ-474 Pink Zebra Glow, RZ-475 Gold UV Zebra


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