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3D Eight Mixer

The 3D Eight Mixer series was developed to mix burley easier, faster, and of higher quality .
Just by mixing, the bait is pushed out through the 3 large holes, and it is characterized by the ability to quickly make sticky bait with light force.
You can make bait that can be cast long distances in about half the time it used to take.

This is a completely new idea in which the stickiness is created by compressing and extruding the product through three holes in the 3D design, rather than pressing it against a surface as in the past to make it sticky.
The more sticky the bait becomes, the more sticky it becomes as it exits the hole.
This prevents the makie bait from becoming hard and makes it easier to scoop up the bait.

Although it is a large blade, it has a streamlined shape and a large hole, so there is surprisingly little resistance.
Additionally, by making the blade more streamlined, its strength has also been significantly increased.



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Availability: 2 in stock

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