The Ocean Arrow 6615 and 5930 are models designed to withstand targets with sustained high load conditions, such as tuna, and are designed with a focus on fighting rather than action.

It has strength and tenacity that allows the rod to be erected to make it easier to endure and lift pumping.

Looking at the bend, the 5930 is lower, but the 6615 is a grip joint specification and the butt remains, and the 5930 is a one-piece specification and bends as a whole.

As for the rod itself, the 5930 has more power.

Applying a static load of 8kg to the Ocean Arrow and looking at the bending of the rod with the rod upright to nearly 70° from the comparison of the bending of the 3kg rod, the bending curve of the 6615 is smaller and steeper. When aiming for larger fish, the 5930 can float the fish more efficiently.

Ocean Arrow is designed to withstand heavy bending compared to Selfish.


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5930 Spinning Model, 6615 Spinning Model


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