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Challenge large fish with speed and response. A high response shaft that sticks to the origin of jigging.

Jig action full of speed and direct feeling. It is the origin of jigging and is still the biggest tactic. The bait model of the new Ocea Jigger has evolved so that it can be manipulated at will by quick lures and sharp jig actions from middle to high pitch jerk, in order to further highlight the real pleasure of jigging. Thoroughly improved responsiveness by fast taper and high elasticity. Shimano’s unique technologies, Spiral X Core and High Power X, are used to eliminate twisting, blurring, and power loss as much as possible. It enables light and high-precision jig operation even in situations where a strong load is applied, such as in areas with strong tidal currents or doTERRA sinking. It also has the ability to respond. And the X guide 3D titanium achieves both trouble-free performance and good thread removal, and also supports smooth bending by optimizing the guide foot size. Even hard game plans can be handled at will. Yellowtail, amberjack, amberjack, tuna, and other species are typical targets that are effective at luring quickly. Royal road specs dominate the tough offshore scene.

A jigging bait rod that continues to stick to the classic middle to high pitch jerk. Slender and lightweight blanks tightly tightened with a spiral X core are further reinforced with high power X, and equipped with a full holding seat and jerking assist rear grip to improve the stability and efficiency of jig operation. The silky bend where the fulcrum moves according to the load while being highly elastic reduces the burden on the angler and supports the ideal jig action. The lineup includes 5 items with a power level of 2 to 6 in a uniform length of 5 feet 10 inches. Since the length is the same, it is possible to continue jigging without changing the timing and rhythm of the jerk even if you change the rod. In addition, the butt guide part has special colors for identification, such as gunmetal gray (2 power), gold (3 power), blue (4 power), orange red (5 power), and green (6 power). Improved usability and design. Consideration is given so that systematic jigging can be performed without stress.

Shimano’s unique basic structure Spiral X Core and High Power X are generously introduced into the blanks of the Ocea Jigger. Spiral X Core is a technology that enhances the strength and response of the blanks themselves in all directions, such as bending, twisting, and crushing. It achieves both light weight and high strength. The High Power X has a structure in which the outermost layer of the spiral X core is further tightened in an X shape with carbon tape to suppress twisting in the rotation direction that occurs during jerk and fight. With these two reinforced structures, the original performance of the blanks is fully demonstrated, and the rod continues to hold the angler’s intended direction without shaking.


  • Spiral X Core
  • X-guide
  • High Power X
  • CI4+
  • Full Holding Sheet
  • X guide 3D titanium
  • Titanium Framce SiC Guide
  • Jerking Assist Rear Grip
  • The butt guide part adopts a special color for each item
  1. B510-2 :
    A technical model for coastal waters that shines with light operability.
    Jig weight MAX 180g, water depth covers up to 60m+α for high pitch jerk and 80m+α for middle pitch jerk. Although it is the lightest specification in the series, it is one that combines light operability and tenacity that can not be defeated by a green object approaching 10 kg. Applicable reel size is 300 to 1500.
  2. B510-3:
    An all-round model that is active nationwide.
    The maximum jig weight is 200g, and the water depth is 70m+α for high-pitch jerk and 90m+α for middle-pitch jerk. It covers a wide range of fields and targets nationwide with an all-round finish that boasts high versatility. Suitable reel size is 1000-2000.
  3. B510-4:
    Power model with excellent power and response.
    Jig weight MAX 240g, water depth covers 90m+α for high pitch jerk, 110m+α for middle pitch jerk. It is possible to operate the jig lightly even in doTERRA sinking where load is applied. Assumed capture of large blue fish over 10 kg. Suitable reel size is 1500-3000.
  4. B510-5:
    A strong model that pursues toughness.
    The maximum jig weight is 300g, and the water depth is 120m+α for high pitch jerk and 140m+α for middle pitch jerk. Supports aggressive jigging with specs that assume harder situations such as fast-tidal waters and deep range capture. Applicable reel size is 2000-4000.
  5. B510-6:
    The strongest model in the series that captures large fish in deep water.
    Jig weight MAX 380g, 150m+α for high pitch jerk, 180m+α for middle pitch jerk. While putting out power and response as the strongest model in the series, the balance of bending has been improved to reduce the burden on anglers during high-load jerk. Applicable reel size is 2000-4000.


B510-2, B510-3, B510-4, B510-5, B510-6


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