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High spec without compromise.

“NEW Larissa” is a high-spec lever brake reel that goes beyond the framework of an entry-level machine.
As a result of seeking high rigidity and durability, we adopted HAGANE gear and HAGANE body.
In addition, the smooth release of line when rotating in reverse, which is required for a lever brake reel, is achieved by installing a magnum light rotor.
Regarding waterproof performance, X-Protect is used in the line roller part, making it a truly high-spec machine with no compromises.
It is also equipped with a zero dandruff tension lever that can apply a light brake when the rotor reverses, reducing line troubles caused by rotor reversal.

Specification comparison table with the old model

The 2023 larissa is 20g lighter than 2016 larissa

Key Feature

High rigidity and durability with HAGANE body and HAGANE gear.

Off the rocks, you never know when fish with strong power, including large Drummer, will come. Since lever brake reels, which are the main battleground for this stage, are expected to be subjected to high loads during reeling, higher rigidity is required from the entire body, including the reel foot. His HAGANE body, which is used in the BB-X Larissa, uses a sturdy aluminum body to suppress concerns about impact and power loss due to deflection and twisting in harsh environments. Furthermore, it is equipped with his hard and tenacious HAGANE gear formed by precision cold forging, achieving a reel gear strength that is one class higher.

X-Protect protects rotation and improves waterproof performance.

A high level of waterproof performance is indispensable for rock reels, which are sometimes exposed to wave splashes. BB-X Larissa has newly adopted X protection for the line roller section. By combining special water-repellent grease and a labyrinth structure that prevents water from entering, it achieves high waterproof performance without sacrificing lightness of rotation.

Magnum light rotor that provides excellent reversing performance.

Reduces rotational inertia and strengthens rotor rigidity.

One of the important performances of a lever brake reel is the speed at which it starts when rotating in reverse. Larissa pursues light rotation and uses a magnum light rotor with reduced rotational inertia. This excellent rotor performance provides a sense of speed that allows anglers to instantly shift from an unfavorable position to an advantageous position. It follows the angler with a sharp response even when turning forward to catch fish.

Zero dandruff tension lever suppresses line troubles.

BB-X Larissa is the only model in the 2500/C3000 size equipped with a zero dandruff tension lever. By turning on the zero dander tension lever, you can apply a small amount of tension (to the extent that it will not reverse due to the weight of the handle) to reverse the rotor, reducing line troubles caused by rotor reversal when baiting or changing bait. In addition, when fishing for bluefin squid, it suppresses the reverse rotation backlash that tends to occur when the horse mackerel swims rapidly or when the bluefin squid shoots backwards.

Trouble-free and beautiful one-piece bail.

A one-piece bail that is molded in one piece and has no seams. Not only does it have a beautiful appearance, but it also suppresses line troubles that occur around the bale and has excellent trouble-free performance.



Shimano’s design philosophy is to utilize metal processing technology to create truly usable products.
Robust enough to continue to be used with confidence even in harsh conditions. Precise winding comfort and reliable operation that stimulates the senses. And the winding power is beyond imagination. By honestly pursuing reels that anglers can truly use, this work has led to the creation of HAGANE gear and HAGANE bodies, which are Shimano’s beliefs. All for the angler.

Our goal was to create a rolling experience that will never change.
A block of metal is pressed under high pressure and finished with micron precision without cutting. A unique technology known as precision cold forging creates a hard, durable gear that allows smooth winding.

X Ship
Larger diameter drive gear, optimal placement of pinion and drive gear, and two-point support with pinion gear bearings. The meshing of these robust gears maintains light reeling that is resistant to loads.

By using lightweight and highly rigid metals such as aluminum and magnesium, the reel’s deflection, distortion, and twisting are firmly suppressed. Protects delicate gear engagement and enables smooth reeling.

Magnum Light Rotor
Lightweight rotor made of Ci4+. We succeeded in reducing the wall thickness while maintaining sufficient rigidity. Weight reduction reduces rotational blur and unevenness caused by rotational inertia. Achieves a quick start-up that starts up even with a small amount of force. In addition, sensitivity has been increased and the total weight has been reduced.


X Protect
For medium and small general-purpose spinning reels, which require lighter spinning, we focused on a non-contact structure that does not compromise the lightness of the spinning. In addition to conventional water-repellent treatment, a labyrinth structure that suppresses water penetration is combined to achieve high water-resistant performance despite the non-contact nature of the structure. It is used in the stopper bearing section and line roller section.

AR-C Spool
The spool has a special spool ring shape. This creates a rectifying effect on the line and realizes both suppression of line trouble and long casting performance.

A new carbon material that is an evolution of the lightweight carbon material C14. The rigidity and durability have been significantly improved while maintaining the lightness, making it possible to make the reel smaller and lighter.

S A-RB bearings are put through the same process as Shimano’s A-RB bearings but feature shields on both sides of the bearings. These shields reduce the possibility of salt or sand inhibiting the rotation of the bearing.

One-Piece Bail
One-Piece Bail allows the line to travel unimpeded to the line roller. The seamless design reduces friction and decreases the chance of tangles or the line catching on the bail arm.

Line Up








Model Gear Ratio Max Braking Force (kg) Max Drag Force (kg) Weight (g) Spool diameter(mm)/stroke(mm) Nylon Line (No-m) PE Line (No-m) Maximum winding length (cm/1 turn of the handle) Handle length (mm) Number of Bearings BB/Roller
2500DHG 6 8 8 255 47.5/14.5 2-170, 2.5-150, 3-120 1-320, 1.2-270, 1.5-220 89 50 5/0
2500DXG 6.6 8 8 255 47.5/14.5 2-170, 2.5-150, 3-120 1-320, 1.2-270, 1.5-220 98 50 5/0
C3000DHG 6 8 8 250 47.5/14.5 2.5-180, 3-150, 4-100 1-400, 1.5-270, 2-200 89 50 5/0
C3000DXG 6.6 8 8 250 47.5/14.5 2.5-180, 3-150, 4-100 1-400, 1.5-270, 2-200 98 50 5/0

2500DXG, C3000DHG, C3000DXG


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