This potential goes beyond entry level.

By blanks equipped with Spiral X, basic performance close to that of Radix, a model one class higher. Shoot the point firmly and quickly float the hooked fish by bending the rod. In addition, even in this class, Shimano original screw seat that holds the reel securely is adopted. It is easy to grasp and stable exchange is possible. It has a full line-up from No. 1, which is suitable for black sea bream and breakwaters, to No. 5, which has a tubular tip that can be used for large blue objects.

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Spiral X

Overcome twisting and crushing and improve rod performance from the root.

Spiral X has a three-layer structure in which carbon tape is tightly wrapped diagonally in opposite directions on the inner and outer layers of the rod longitudinal fiber. Internal and external oblique fibers allow high torsional and crushing stiffness while maintaining lightness. Shimano’s unique “basic structure” that improves instant power transmission in fishing operations such as casting and fighting, maintains lightness and enhances “ground power for catching”.

Tuftec α

The tip that suppresses the tension of the Tuftec tip. It is a solid tip that achieves supple and delicate bending while maintaining strength without reducing the diameter of the tip.

* Adopted for No. 1 and No. 2.


1-530, 1.2-530, 1.5-500, 1.5-530, 1.7-530, 2-530, 3-520PTS, 4-520PTS, 5-520PTS


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