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●Lightweight titanium cup with excellent swing-out performance and rust resistance
●Shot blasting finish for excellent durability and non-sticking

[shaft] is also suitable for use
with Shimano’s unique shaft reinforcement structure / adopts a shaft with “Spiral X” and “High Power X”
. Accurate long casting
●Resilience is increased by eliminating shake, improving long-throw performance
●Shaft has a scale that can be used as a guideline for competitions (20cm to 30cm)]

●Supports a variety of grips Power joint grip II with grip shape and material
●Shape that supports various komase work regardless of how you hold it, such as pinpoint hitting, edge rolling, long throwing
●Since you can see the direction of the cup without looking at it, you can return it

●Employs matte rubber-like coating that is non-slip even with wet hands and has excellent durability
●With holder for end rope and it is float design.

Color: Fire blood Red

Cup Size: M 20cc, L 30cc

Length: 73cm, 80cm, 85cm

Material: Cup(Titanium), Shaft (Carbon fiber), and Grip( ABS)


M73, M80, M85, L73, L80


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SHIMANO Fire Blood Long Throw Burley Scoop
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